Real results of great engagement practices:

True engagement comes from authentic, consistent participation across the connection channels your customers use. Use these channels as a way to communicate the truth about who you are. Listen hard. Deliver an experience that people can’t help talking about.


direct sales support

We developed SmartXSP, a mobile app for use on an iPad or mobile device that allows direct sales reps to track their sales efforts. This app enhances communication between our center agents and the field. Potential problems are uncovered almost immediately, improving the likelihood of successful installation.

Our center agents have access to the six major billing systems - giving them the ability to support the direct sales reps in any variety of situations; including account set-up, order entry, tech support, win-back, and cross sales of other home services.

The use of the SmartXSP tool in concert with strong live agent support improved installation rates 50% for clients.


Home security upgrade

Home Security is an attractive product offering to leverage the broadband connection into the home, creating opportunities for home automation (i.e., energy management) and medical monitoring services. 

We worked with a broadband client to develop an outbound contact campaign for the client’s home security service. The campaign targeted two and three pay customers with the standard product pricing – no discount on the monthly subscription price or service installation fee. 

Sales close rates were strong with just under 70% of sales successfully installed, representing a 35% increase in performance over previous programs.


Advanced Voice analytics

Our partnership with a premier voice analytics company has given us an edge in retaining "at-risk" customers. Customer calls into the client help desk are filtered through voice analytics software and those identified as "high risk" are passed to our Retention Agents for immediate contact.

Our agents have full systems access and are equipped with special retention offers.

Customers appreciate the extra effort resulting in satisfaction rates of 94%.


giving customers what they want


It would be great if customers automatically wanted whatever you brought to market. But, we know that's not the case. A more intelligent way of approaching this could be summarized by, "teaching people what they need." 

As we are compiling a client's contact statistics from thousands of daily conversations across multiple projects all over the country we can provide an invaluable trend-map leading to an educated understanding of what the customer household might need.

Our unique advantage is that we begin a customer relationship from the first contact with the direct sales rep, through the installation process and followup call, through to the retention effort (when needed). This gives us a strategic advantage in crafting upgrade proposals that are personalized to each household - we call this, "teaching people what they need." We believe this personalized engagement is noticed and appreciated by your customer base - resulting in measurable household growth. 


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